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This blog is dedicated to everything that has made you fall in love with the Sly Cooper series. Enjoy!

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Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. Japanese versions of the intro and ending can be unlocked after beating the game.

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finally finished the sly cooper series, so of course the next logical step is some human doodles!

Carmelita Expressions
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Who the hell is this fucker?

i will expand on this i promise but for now here is wip i am lazy zzz

I don’t know about you but I don’t think a bra and a tiny skirt count as Interpol approved dress code. 

Dear Sly Cooper game developers:A character can look feminine AND like they can realistically chase and take down dangerous thugs.
I refuse to use your artwork as a direct reference and will make Carmelita look like I think she should— brimming with strength and authority and looking like she wouldn’t be out of place with her boot on a druglord’s neck.Seriously? Heels and miniskirts? What the hell, guys?

Felt like drawing Carmelita, so I did~

Just Sly. Don’t ask where the hippo and turtle are, I like to pretend they never existed.

Based on radbrostache’s design, seen here.

Halloween art: Carmelita, Bentley, and Penelope

I’m getting into the Halloween holiday spirit. So here’s a picture of Carmelita as Wonder Woman, Penelope as Gadget Hackwrench, and Bentley as Professor X.…yeah, I know Penelope is slanted. I drew this while on the phone and didn’t pay attention to that detail when I did it.
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RIGS AND THE COOPER MAN HIMSELF! Many of you guys requested this, so I made it happen! Thanks to thechaosandthedark, mortw159, and fireydude for asking for this!!